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Embarking on a successful journey two decades ago, Compucare has evolved into a leading IT services firm. Established in 1996 and managed by experienced professionals with over 20 years of expertise, we are headquartered in India and renowned for our efficient and timely service.

Compucare initially made its mark as a prominent provider of biometric and card-based time attendance solutions in Gujarat, India. Leveraging our credentials, experience, and ample resources, we have since solidified our position as a dominant force in delivering cutting-edge Information Technology solutions, encompassing software, hardware, office automation, and security products.

Our success stems from our ability to blend the right technology with value-driven solutions, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness and reliability. By partnering with esteemed vendors, we exceed customer expectations, offering solutions that seamlessly integrate the most reliable and cost-effective technologies.

With an impeccable reputation in India, we are now expanding our reach to other countries by undertaking projects from various regions. Our dedicated team of young professionals possesses extensive IT knowledge, unwavering commitment, and years of experience, enabling us to deliver exceptional results.

At Compucare, we strive to understand our client's business requirements through in-depth research. This allows us to provide guidance in areas such as administration, management, and value additions, which we seamlessly integrate into our solutions. We pride ourselves on being a professional enterprise, characterized by modern management practices, advanced technology, a committed workforce, strong industry connections, and a positive attitude towards risk-takinga combination that sets us apart as leaders in our chosen fields.

Central to our success is our unwavering commitment to quality, service, and reliability. We embrace a customer-centric approach and uphold the highest standards of quality across all our operations. The Compucare group's dedication to customer satisfaction and delivering excellence remains a driving force behind our achievements.

As we look towards the future, we continue to uphold our core values, ensuring that our customers receive the utmost in quality, service, and reliability. 

"We mainly cater to clients based in India, but we also deal with international inquiries."
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